Rain drops keep falling on my head

Wed Jul 8
Mon Apr 6
Mon Mar 2

API Issues

We’re having some isses today with the new international API, which may be leading to “Location not found” errors on places that are very common and should be found right away.  We’re working on it.

Tue Feb 17
How can something so simple be so useful? You can get either text or email alerts to inform you whether you should grab that umbrella before you go. And it works! Umbrella Today? — only like the coolest website ever made
Mon Feb 16
Sun Feb 15

API changes and wrong reports

As part of deploying our international support release last week, we also updated the API that umbrella today uses behind the scenes.  The old API proved pretty reliable on most days, but was not super specific.  The new API is even more specific about weather conditions - so much so that we don’t even have every possible weather condition included in our code yet!

Over time, this will make the UT reports more accurate and more informational, but in the short term, there will be some weather conditions that should either very clearly be a “yes” and we report “no”, or vice versa.

Thanks for bearing with us while we add more codes, and keep sending us feedback when you get a report that’s clearly wrong.

Tue Feb 10
Sat Jan 17
Guess what? There is the most amazing website–UmbrellaToday.com. What does it do? Well it’s like a personal assistant who text messages you in the morning before you leave (or whatever time you would like, you pick) and tells you whether you will be needing an umbrella that day! Now, it’s not always right…but neither is the weather channel. You Can Stand Under My Umbrella-ella-ella. Umbrella Today! No One Can Rain on Our Parade!
Sun Jan 4
Umbrella Today? is the greatest weather site on the internet. It answers one question: Do I need an umbrella today? It’ll even send you a txt message in the morning of any day you’re likely to need one. You know, just as a heads up. Umbrella Today?
Sat Jan 3

[…] here is a fine quote from one of it’s happy users: “It’s like totally the simplest weather report ever, Julie.” Do you love this site, or what? Do you love Julie’s quote? (I do)

Go there now, enter your zip and forever know the answer to this age old questions– Do I need an umbrella today? Your welcome

A Website You Can’t Live Without (or you’ll get wet)